A Step By Step Guide For Finding And Ordering Bulk E Juice

Vaping is amazing. As more and more people pick it up, the world of variation, flavors, and even styles continue to expand. Offering untold customization for taking in nicotine, vaping has a lot of potential as a great substitute to cigarettes. While vaping is fun, it can quickly become an expensive habit. Luckily, there are ways that you can save while still enjoying vaping. Let’s take a moment to review a brief step-by-step guide on how you can order bulk e juice online.
Risk And Reward

Ordering vape juice wholesale(http://vapecraftinc.com/wholesale.html) means saving a great deal through placing a large order. At the same time, there are several less than scrupulous companies out there that will take your money and leave you with an inferior product. Understand that while there is a great deal of money to be saved through bulk e juice purchases, there is also some risk. Thankfully, planning ahead can help to mitigate a lot of this risk.
1. Research

E-JuiceSome well-known companies offer vape juice wholesale. However, typically the providers you find for wholesale purchases will be a bit more on the fringe. Lesser known and rated, it can be a challenge to find a provider that you can trust to deliver on their promises at the price stated. Your first step taken to protect your own money should be to carefully research prospective providers. See what other people have to say about them, compare prices, and rule out any companies that you are uncomfortable with.

2. Call

When you can no longer find anything out about the company, then give them a call. The majority of bulk e juice companies will provide you a phone number where you can reach someone representing the company. Typically, contacting the provider directly is the best way to determine if it is a legitimate company or not. Be sure to note what they say they can do. Take down their information and feel free to send the same questions through their online support as well. If they respond well and in a business like manner, then there is a better chance that they are indeed a legitimate company. Calling them can also be a way to help lower the cost even more, offering you the opportunity to haggle them down on the cost directly. While it doesn’t always work, it can work enough to save you in the long run.

3. Place Order

How do you place the order? Does the website send you to a secure link for you to put your credit card information in? If not, then you may want to reconsider as this exposes your private information online. Do they provide you a receipt, or have any additional options regarding shipping? Given the size of bulk e juice orders, you will want to make sure the company addresses these needs in a QA or FAQ section of their website. If not, then consider contacting directly again or going with a different distributor. As always, trust your gut.

Is the Pax 2 Vaporizer Right for You?

Our fair and balanced Pax 2 Vaporizer review is designed to give you the inside scoop on this elegant and affordable design. This is a compact style which features a refined and streamlined look and a basic black finish. It’s got plenty of power and it usually retails for about $279.99. Prices may vary based on where you order this vaporizer from.  Another review can be found at Portable Vaporizer Guide.


Now, let’s look at the key features of this model.


Key Features of the Vaporizer


This powerful, energy-efficient design comes with a deeper-than-average “oven”, which means that you’ll get superlative throat hit every single time that you take a drag. The mouthpiece is also crafted with ergonomic design elements that make it comfortable to hold and use. In fact, the mouthpiece is so high-tech that it will sense your lips when they touch the device!
As well, this model comes with a wonderful battery, as well as a smart heating system and an intelligent cooling system. The heating and cooling systems allow users to optimize their usage. Lastly, this design is made with a beautiful aluminum surface which is anodized and it features an LED indicator which is built-in.



This upgraded model features improvements over the original Pax vaporizer and this is why it’s such a smart buy. Whether you’re new to vaporizers or an old hand, you’ll find that this model offers great value for the money. While it’s definitely not the cheapest vaporizer on the market, it’s built to offer long product life and a truly fulfilling vaporizing experience.


Sometimes, it’s smarter to spend more in order to access a higher level of quality and this unit definitely offers high quality. So, it’s an investment in premium vaping pleasure.


What You Will Receive


When you order an authentic Pax 2 vaporizer via the official Pax website, you’ll enjoy free shipping and you’ll receive one Pax 2 vaporizer, as well as a charging cradle and a USB cord. As well, you’ll receive a cleaning kit and one flat mouthpiece. A raised mouthpiece will also be included in your Pax 2 package. As you can see, you’ll get almost everything that you need in order to start vaping right away. All that’s missing is your preferred e-juice.


Don’t settle for subpar vaporizers which aren’t built with painstaking attention to detail. Instead, go for a premium design from a company with a strong and positive reputation. Choosing this model is the key to getting all that you can from your vaporizing experience. So, why not order today?


More portable vaporizer reviews can be found at http://portablevaporizerguide.com


Portable Vaporizers, The Amazing Innovation of the Modern Man

The current technological advancements in compatibility have really been instrumental in the popularization of portable vaporizers. Due to their small size, they have amassed an impressive pool of enthusiasts and it is high time that we take that to an even greater cult level. But don’t get me wrong, I’m not suggesting that we form a cult that worships them.  Got e-Juice, for your vape? Why not get this deal – 120 ml ejuice for $15. To be honest, their growing fame has also attracted a wide number of companies who want a share of the profit bone and with nearly everybody, even spoon makers taking a swing at it; it is quite easy to purchase a dud.

portable_vaporizers-26The first generation portable vaporizers were introduced to the market about six years ago and they nearly went out as soon as they came in because vapors enthusiasts were not particularly “enthusiastic” about them. They were too big and ugly, the materials used in the construction were too fragile and unreliable and even the workmanship of the built quality was at best mediocre. No offense, one enthusiast even suggested that they might have been built by somebody who was on a very heavy vapor break, if you catch my drift.

But now with the introduction of the new age where if anything is not small is not considered cool, the portables have really found their form. They have become pen size small and this portability has really made them convenient especially for those people who move around a lot and don’t enjoy carrying things. The high number of players in the market has also motivated the companies to up their game thus the build quality of the new age models is very impeccable. They also offer unwavering top notch performance and this has really contributed in winning the hearts of enthusiasts and cynics alike. Regardless, all this would not do them justice if they were still ugly. On that note the companies have put a lot of resources on research on current trends thus coming up with a final product that is not only impeccably reliable, but also very aesthetically pleasing too. And who doesn’t like cute small gadget.

As I mentioned earlier, there are an infinite number of portable vaporizers available and it is easy to get lost on which one to buy. So let’s take a closer look on the best vaporizers that one can get at an affordable price. The most popular one that has been term quite impressive is the Lolite Portable vaporizer manufactured by a very reputable Irish company by the name Ogelsby & Butler. As you would imagine, they have not skimmed on the aesthetic department. It is offered in a wide range of colors namely black, pink, blue, green, orange and even the color of the rainbow. For a power source, they have taken a bit of an unconventional direction in that instead of batteries or flame, they opted to use butane as the heat source. The unit can hold as much as 500gm of butane which translates to approximately 15 minutes of vaporization time. It uses patented technology that enables it to create a catalytic reaction between oxygen and butane and also has an exhaust system that eliminates any leftover butane. Maximum vaporization temperature is 347F which is ideal for the vaporization of most types of herbs and aromatherapy blends. Upon purchase, it comes with a carrying case, cleaning tool, seven dot herb chamber, extendable mouthpiece, moisture condenser, hand tool and heater mesh screen.

portable_vaporizers-28Another vaporizer that has really gained popularity is the Magic Flight Launch Box Vaporizer. That right, just the name makes you want to own one. Currently, it’s the smallest and most discreet available. It is characterized by an ultra fast heating element that can get to vaporization temperature in a mere 5 seconds. The Magic Flight box is made from wood thus saving you from the annoying foul odor and taste that is a common drawback with metal and plastic vaporizers. As a show of outstanding built quality and reliability, it comes with a full lifetime warranty, this gives you as the customer confidence that you can always depend on your Magic box. I believe it is the only one currently in the market that offers such an amazing warranty.
All said and done, regardless of the brand you have, they are here to stay and have become an integral part of our daily lives.